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Our Story

The game creation process at Red Blue Games is a lifetime in the making. Growing up as twin brothers, co-founders Edward and Lucas began making games to share with one another. From Mario levels drawn on spools of printer paper to Lego-based RPGs, their many experiments instilled a love of game making from an early age. Now they’ve turned this passion for game creation into Red Blue Games, where they make game experiences for the rest of the world to share together.

The Team


Edward Rowe

Programmer, Artist, Designer

Starting as a developer at Vicious Cycle Software in Raleigh, Edward worked in the industry for nearly a decade before co-founding Red Blue Games with his brother, Lucas. When he's not making indie games, he enjoys working on tools and open source projects, or watching good TV.

Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Lucas Rowe

Programmer, Designer

Coming from the web applications world, Lucas brings his experience in Agile development and methodologies to the projects of Red Blue Games. He has a passion for usable, friendly software and is known to rant about poor design from time to time.

Favorite Game: Earthbound


Kevin Mabie

Programmer, Audio Engineer

As a long-time colleague, Kevin joined Edward and Lucas to help mature Red Blue Games after his 10th year in the games industry. As a problem-solver at heart, he enjoys working on games, where the challenges and tasks have such a fun and quirky spin to them.

Favorite Game: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars



Anders Gullmarsvik

Freelance 2D Artist, Animator

A 2D artist and animator who fell in love with the 16-bit era of games and never fell out of love with it. Very passionate about playfulness in graphical design and about pixelart as a game aesthetic. When not pushing pixels, you'll find him kayaking, hiking or playing with his two kids.

Favorite Game: Secret of Mana

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